Why HomePointe Carpet Cleaning Roseville Is Superior

Why We’re Superior

At HomePointe The Carpet Cleaning Co. Roseville, we have the ability to professionally clean carpets because of our well-trained  and experienced technicians. They have been established since 2016. HomePointe Carpet Cleaning is among the increasingly popular carpet cleaning service companies in California thanks to our loyal customers who happily use our cleaning services repeatedly and recommends our services to family and friends. Consumers love our 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction that provides them less hassle when using our cleaning services.

We Do Carpet Cleaning and More!

We are the best carpet cleaning company operating out of Roseville, CA that strive to offer extraordinary value! Do you know that less than 5% technicians and staff ever get certified in the carpet cleaning industry? Each of our Technicians and also office staff are IICRC Certified to make sure that you’re getting the ideal knowledge and repair to protect your investments.

HomePointe Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

  1. Carpet Cleaning
  2. Area Rug Cleaning
  3. Pet Odor Removal
  4. Carpet Stain Removal
  5. Upholstery Cleaning
  6. Protective Coatings
  7. Tile & Grout Cleaning
  8. Pet Stain Removal

We work with only the ideal equipment when it comes to the job. Our superior truck-mount equipment allows us to carry out the proper hot-water extraction method that reaches deep into the carpet’s fibers to lift dirt, soil, and stain from your floor without being too abrasive. We also make use of a wand equipment that removes the moisture from the carpet, so the drying time is accelerated without leaving any soapy residue. Abreast of our equipment, we also use our proprietary cleaning solution that restores and keeps the carpet looking clean.

Say goodbye to Dirt, Allergens, and Stains

  • We work with only the perfect equipment for your job. We work with truck-mounted equipment to lift perhaps the most stubborn stains.
  • Hot-water extraction method that reaches deep into carpets to lift dirt, soil, and stains without being too abrasive.
  • Our wand equipment removes moisture from carpets, so drying time is accelerated without leaving any soapy residue.
  • Customers happily use our cleaning services repeatedly and recommend our services to peers and families.
  • Our proprietary cleaning solution restores and keeps the carpet looking clean longer!

We Know The Secret Methods to Remove Stains and Get Your Carpet Dry Fast

If any carpet spots are not removed through the carpet cleaning process, specialty carpet spotting techniques are used.

NOTE: Potential permanent carpet stains, as identified by the carpet cleaning service technician, will probably not be removed. High velocity air movers are utilized on the carpet to quickly dry your floor, and that is covered in our ultimate carpet service package. The rug pile is about in one direction for faster carpet drying and more visual appeal. Some carpets, don t assume all, get pleasure from carpeting dry bonnet process. Your carpet cleaning service technician can recommend which technique would benefit your carpet. The carpet dry bonnet assists in faster carpet drying and prevents wicking on some carpets.

Additional Protection

If your floor coverings is over 2 yrs of age you’ll want to have got your carpet cleaning technician apply a carpet protector. The benefits to this are: carpet spills clean easier, dry carpet soil vacuums easier, the next professional carpet cleaning professionals is more practical, the rug lasts longer while looking better, and it can prevent some permanent carpet stains.

Carpet Cleaning ought to be simple as well as affordable!

By choosing our professional carpet cleaning services, you don’t have to fuss over about equipment rent, getting a lot of cleaning solution, or carry heavy equipment. Getting your carpet cleaned ought to be like picking up a phone or emailing us, and let us did the hard work. It’s just that simple.

Staffed with the best carpet cleaning professionals with experience, our carpet cleaning technicians are trained and have the ability to utilize our truck-mounted and wand equipment to clean as well as care for all types of carpet. Protected by our customer satisfaction guarantee, you will have peace of mind knowing that we will professionally clean and maintain your carpet for you.