13 Ways to Drive Online Traffic To Your Website

How to Drive Traffic to your Website

Driving traffic to your website is a grueling and time consuming task, especially if you don’t know where to start. When I first started online marketing about 5 years ago all I did was blog. I wrote articles, posted it, and then waited… I did no other means to drive traffic to my website. I basically threw my blog in the internet hoping for prospects to find it.

I did no web traffic advertising or auto syndicating to any social sites. Why? Because I had no guidance or training on what to do. I was like most online newbies trying to learn things myself. I was attending webinars, researching the web, and reading tons of other blogs in the same niche. It was information overload.

The most difficult part of online marketing is driving people to your capture page. There are tons of mediums to drive traffic and generate leads through your funnel system. Which vehicle should you utilize to drive traffic? Attempting to do all will discourage 97% of all internet marketers and drain their bank accounts.

ways to drive web traffic





  1. blogging
  2. classified ads
  3. safelist advertising
  4. ezine ads
  5. article marketing
  6. forum marketing
  7. solo ads
  8. traffic exchanges
  9. list/email marketing
  10. social media
  11. video marketing
  12. social bookmarking
  13. PPC

What to do…

Select one or two mediums (ie. blogging, Facebook…) and master it before attempting other means to drive web traffic to your capture page. Set your auto-responder accordingly to ensure you stay in touch with your contact list once a week.


Another term for online marketing is called “passive marketing” – setting up capture pages, sending traffic to it, and waiting for leads to pop in. Take note that if you need money now your best bet would be “active prospecting” which most people fear. Picking up the phone (most effective) and connecting with individuals one-on-one or using Facebook if used properly.

Free and Paid Web Traffic

Depending on your marketing budget and the amount of time you have, driving traffic to your website is a simple concept but it can also be a daunting task. I received a message from a new team member stating that the online information is overwhelming. I told him to relax and provided him with the start up list below…

FREE Services

Viral In-Box – this service is AWESOME! Every Network Marketer or Internet Marketer has to have this! You can send up to 2,000 emails a day for free and can earn credits.

List Joe – you can mail for free or buy credits for cheap.

ViralURL – You can mail 3,000 randomly selected members

AdLandPro – this is a cool site, you can create free classifieds and e-mail members directly to their e-mail inbox.

List Auction – You can send 500 emails every 7 days on the free account.

TripleYourList – This is kind of cool pretty responsive free site. The paid service has a lot more features.

PAID Services

GotSafeList.com – this is free to join but the solo ads are PAID SOLOS. They are super cheap though at only $62.00 for 1200 clicks.

more resources to drive web traffic

If you are a fast learner, have time and money, join MLSP

but if you’re on a tight budget go here ==>> Global NPN

Online marketing and driving traffic to your website is tough! Avoid trying to build your online business by yourself. Join a team of like minded people or find an associate that will help and support you. Have fun and be patient!


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